My Thoughts on Thought

The idea of language has always fascinated me. For one, it is essential for communication, especially with others. I realize it is also essential for communicating to the self. Thought is dictated by an inner discourse within the soul. Without a language, one is unable to think and thus cannot comprehend.

I often hear that words are, in essence, symbols of the natural realm. We gain words through our senses. Thought cannot exist without words. However, words without thought are essentially meaningless. If this is true, one who lives apart from Nature, Art, or humanity would lose the meaning in words. This is a strange thought. The people who live more in Nature, that which is untouched by man, have more knowledge since words are the gateway to thought. I believe that there is truth in this. For instance, if a person was given all the information possible about the sky but has never seen the light of day, would he or she know what the sky is? This is also true of people. If I could tell you all the information about a person, such as characteristics, beliefs, and appearances, do you know that person if you have never met? Thus, knowledge is obtained by some physical aspect that involves the senses. One may be able to think within the soul, but only after obtaining knowledge from the senses.

However, if this is true, I wonder how people are to gain knowledge of the divine and spiritual realm if people have not physically seen Heaven. For this reason, I believe words are symbols of the spiritual realm as well. Since God created the earth and saw that it was good, Nature must be of a divine quality since only the divine creates the divine. In other words, God is in fact good and good can only come from good. In this way, Nature must be of the divine as well since it is created from the divine. Of course, the divine cannot be fully comprehended without experience. On the other hand, since words are symbolic of Nature and Nature symbolic of the divine essence, words must lead us closer to the divine if pursued past Nature.

In conclusion, I believe that philosophy ought to be the means by which one pursues the divine essence, since philosophy is concerned with thought. Since thought is produced or exists within words, thought itself must be the pathway to the divine such that the divine pursued without comprehension is without worth.


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